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How long does it take to get a license number?

I took (and passed) the NCLEX-RN on 3/11/15, but the NJ BON has yet to post my license number. This is becoming a major road block in my job search!! Just wondering how long the state has been taking to post the license number and also how long does it take to receive your actual license by mail? Thanks for your input and advice!

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Since the board committee must meet first to consider all applications post NCLEX pass and criminal background check the average is approximately 4-5 weeks post passing the NCLEX. (They meet 1-2x a month depending on the time of year).

Your license will be posted in the BoN database before you get the letter in the mail. You can work as a nurse once your license is posted. You will get a pass letter then a week or two letter receive your license in the mail.

Try calling the BoN since its been 2 weeks (assuming your application is complete. You can check the list in the online application center) remember next Friday is a holiday that closes state offices.

I passed my test on March 18, and 2 weeks after I called the NJ BON and the lady on the phone told me to try again in another week. I happened to look online and what do you know, my number was posted! It was posted the night after I made the phone call. And when I checked my friend who took the test before me, her number was still not posted on the BON website.

I suggest calling if your application is complete. They may already have it or perhaps it can speed along the process. Good luck!

Thanks for your replies ladies! I actually got my license number from the NJ BON web site later that same day that I posted, so for me, it took 16 days from the day I sat for my boards. I'm still waiting for the actual license to arrive in the mail, but most employers just need the number for the application. I hope this will help future nurses that go through this process!! I'm so proud to now be an official member of the RN club after years of hard work. So eager and excited to start new career!

As an update, I wanted to let everyone know I received the hard copy of my license yesterday 4/8/15, just under a month from when I sat for my boards.


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