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How Long did it take to build your caseload?


Has 9 years experience.

I just finished orientation on Wednesday but staffing didn't have any patients for me in Thursday or Friday. And of course as if now I don't have any for next week either. I want to remain hopeful, but if I want to get paid then I need some patients! How long did it take you all to build a caseload?

I guess I'm really worried about this because I didn't get paid last pay period because I didn't do my recap. Funny thing is, no one ever told me what a recap was or that I had to do one during orientation. You would think that that would be something that they would go over during the company orientation but they didn't. So I've been digging into my savings acct for my expenses (which there are a lot of when you have two kids).

I was really excited about the flexibility of this job but if they don't have any patients for me by the end of next week I'm going to contact my previous supervisor at the hospital and ask if I can return. This is so disappointing right now.