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How long did you study for?

Hey allnurses!

First time throwing a question out. I was wondering how long did you give yourself to study for the TEAS exam or currently giving yourself to study for it? I know everyone is different and some people need more time and others need less. If you did already take the exam and passed, would you also mind sharing your score?

Thank you!

I probably studied for 1 and a half months on and off, focusing on practice tests, videos, and the mometrix study guide. I went through every free practice test I could find online, noted anything I missed, and made a list of things I felt like I could stand to remember more clearly, based both on the missed questions and just random topics I ran into. Of course, I didn't have to spend too much time on the English portion because I used to teach grammar in a writing lab, so that saved me some time. I ended up getting a 96%.

Let me preface this by saying:

I have taken all of my pre-req courses (A&P, Micro, Chem, math, English, etc) so a lot of this was just review for me.

TEAS overall score: 86%

Percentile/Program rank :96

Reading: 85%

Math: 97%

Science: 78%

English: 87.5%

I ordered the ATI study manual 2 months before my exam. I studied VERY slowly(aka procrastinating) from it for about a month. I spent a few days getting through the reading section of the manual. Spent like a whole month on the math portion. I hate math so it was very slow and difficult for me to get through, lol. I spent about a week and a half on science(but I definitely felt like I needed more time here). I spent about a day on English..learning sentence structure and grammar rules.

I took my first practice test about 2 weeks before my real exam. I had finished the reading and math sections of the study manual. I got a 78% overall on that one.

I took my 2nd Practice test the same day as my test(2 weeks after the first test) and got an 88%. I wouldn't recommend taking 2 tests in 1 day because its exhausting..but that is what I get for procrastinating.

I wish I would have started studying sooner. I did not feel like I had enough time to really review all of the science(78%). I spent a lot of time on math, my weakest area. It paid off because it went from 62% on the first practice exam to 97% on the real TEAS.

So...my advice...start studying early! Take notes from the study manual, watch YouTube videos. Some of my faves are Khan Academy, Tyler Dewitt, RegisteredNurseRN, Mometrix, to name a few. Also, for science, the questions they ask are much more detailed that what is in the manual. So the manual is just a guideline of what you should study.

Haven't taken it yet myself, but I do have a few friends who have. I believe the friend that took the longest gave herself 2 months slowly studying. She used the ATI study manual and a version 5 book as well. Another friend gave herself 1.5 months and two other friends did more skimming at the last moment. The last two had strong science and math backgrounds. I know one scored in the high 80s and the other scored in the high 90s. These are all people that are similar to me academically and feel like I will have an accurate gauge. If you know anyone who is similar to you as well in terms of study habits and how seriously they approach their classes then I would try to reach out to them to see how much time they gave themselves or are currently giving themselves.

I am personally going to ease my way in and over 2 months. I feel confident with math and science, but I want to give myself time for Reading and English just to be safe. I have Mometrix right now and what to get the ATI study manual and both practice tests. Best wishes!

Thank you everyone for giving your feedback! I will give myself between 1.5-2 months to study and I will use the resources mentioned. I'm feeling a bit more confident now that I have an idea of how to king give myself.


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