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I'm a nursing student right now, and I've started looking at things to do once I graduate. One of the things I was looking at was the Peace Corps. I'm guessing it wouldn't be the best thing to just start the Peace Corps as soon as I graduate and take the NCLEX, but how long do you think is good before trying something like that? Do you think it would be ok to try something like that after working as an RN for a year, or do you think it's something that should be done later in nursing?


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I think it would be tough to be a Peace Corps nurse immediately after graduation. You will be going through so much change in getting used to the RN role, learning time management and putting into practice what you have learned in school. Frankly, I think it would be overwhelming to try to acclimate to becoming an RN while going through all the challenges you would face as a Peace Corps volunteer. Additionally, you will bring so much more to the Peace Corps and the people you serve if you have a little bit of nursing experience under your belt.

I knew a woman who volunteered for the Peace Corps to be a teacher after her husband died. I believe she was in her sixties when she volunteered. It was an amazing, life changing experience for her and I always admired her for her sheer guts and dedication. You have my admiration as well and I sincerely hope that you will carry out your plans when you are ready.

Best wishes to you! :yeah:


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One of my very good friends left with the peace corps just after her first year of work as an RN and she is doing just fine.

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