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How long does it really take to get accepted to a JC?

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Just wondering if anyone has been accepted on their first try to any JC's in California? After reading and asking people it seems like its going to take a couple of years unless I go the accelerated BSN route. Just wondering what your experience has been, did you get in your first attempt?...if not how long did you have to wait?

Thanks in advance!


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My path to graduate took a while... but I first started applying to RN school in 2007 and applied every fall and spring until I was accepted, which was for the fall 2011 start. It just took me that long to get accepted. I failed out and had to roll-back, resulting in me joining a new set classmates and a couple got in on their first attempt and most got in their second attempt. Things have changed yet again now as the school is doing one yearly application for both spring and fall semesters instead of two applications yearly.


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6 years before i got in to a ADN program

Oh man, well thank you for sharing. Congrats since you are doing what you like and were persistent. I guess I'll just have to wait it out...

Many/Most JC's are using a point system now, so the more points you have upon application, the faster you will get accepted. With this method the application process has gotten VERY competitive and it is likely that unless you have a very high pre-req GPA, HIGH TEAS/HESI scores, volunteer/CNA experience in a hospital, etc. you will not get in on your first application.

The best thing you could do is go to a couple of your local JC's ADN departments and find out when their information sessions are held. Go to the info session and get their paper showing how many points are assigned for what, and then use that criteria to accumulate as many points prior to application as possible. Also, apply to all of the programs you can so that you have a higher likelihood of being accepted somewhere.

I believe that some JC's still accept a limited number of students per class on a lottery system as well, so that might be another way that you could get in if your points are marginal for admission.