How long is the process to know if you're accepted at Ecpi in Raleigh?

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Hey I am wondering if anyone is attenting Ecpi in July of 2009? I am waiting to find out if I am accepted or not. I am getting so tired of waiting. My teas scores were good but they won't tell me anything. Will someone please tell me wants going on? I know there are others that have been in my place. Is it hard to get in? Why will they not accept me? So one HELLLLLLLLPPP


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I would have thought you would know something by now. Classes start soon. Are you planning on day or night classes?

I am planning on, day class from 8am to 4:30pm... I've done my aid and I've been to the meet and greet but no one has said anything to me yet or even sent me a letter. There were only 6 people in my meet and greet. My teas test scores were good but I haven't heard anything yet. Whats the process?


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I am not sure which program you are looking at but each one has different requirements. Some of them need letters of recommendation, Interviews, etc. I would contact an advisor first thing Monday morning or better yet be there first thing in the morning. Make sure you have a list of questions etc.. so you won't forget anything.



Thanks...But guess what...I got accepted...I called the lady in admissions and she told me! So excited!:yeah:


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