How long are prereqs good for? Specifically for CCAC


I started my BS:biology undergrad back in fall 1998, graduated from a nice 4 yr college, did grad school for a couple years in biochemistry not enjoying it, and now want to start a nursing program. My GPA in undergrad was just under a 3.0 and I'm seeing that most BSN and accellerated programs require a 3.0. So I'm looking over the ADN program at CCAC, but they're really vague as to what counts for prereqs. I'm mostly worried about the intro to biology requirement (needed to take A&P). They say a basic bio course is required or high school class within 5 years. I took something similar at the begining of undergrad 10 years ago, but TONS of more advanced biology since then. So how useful are my old classes now? Any other advice from students there? I'm hoping to take A&P in summer/fall and apply for next spring, working part time where possible to pay bills.

It depends on the school. I think 5 years is a common time limit for the science prereqs. At my community college, you could have a PhD in Biology and you would still need to take Bio 106 (Intro Bio) for the program if you don't have an intro Bio class recently (can't remember exactly what the tine frame was).

Many accelerated BSN programs (not all of course) will look heavily at your last 60 credits or your program prerequisites. I had an undergrad GPA of 2.795 (with several Fs), got As in my prerequisites and got in to Drexel's program. So I wouldn't count BSN programs out w/o checking in to ones you're interested in.


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I went to a nursing information session at CCAC Boyce and we were told that there is no time limit anymore for Chemistry. You might want to double check that. I took Bio for Non-majors as an undergrad and the credits for that class didn't transfer over. I had to take Bio110 last summer that was a little heavy on A&P (cell, reproductive system, digestive system), which wasn't a bad thing. I think you should fill out and turn in one of those credit transfer forms and someone will determine which credits are transferable and which one's are not, then you will know which pre-reqs you'll have to take.

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