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:nurse:I have been an RN since January and working Med/Surg at a local hospital since April (I also worked Med/Surg for 7 months as an LPN, before completing my RN). I love being a nurse, but I truly hate Med/Surg. We are constantly understaffed, and having a CNA is practically unheard of. I can't stand this type of work, but I don't want to "job hop". I know Med/Surg is great experience, but I am not at all happy. How long should I give this before I move on to some other area? I am constantly looking for openings elsewhere, but the market is still pretty bad so it is slim pickings and hiring freezes are still on at other local area hospitals. I am truly grateful for a job, especially in this economy...I am just sooo not liking what I am doing right now! Any advice would be so appreciated.:nurse:

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You have been there at least 6 months, keep your job untill you have another one lined up. I am going into my 2nd year of nursing school and work at a local hospital. I have had firends from school who have graduated 3 months ago and cant even get an interview. 2 of my coworkers work as CNA's but they are RN's because they can not get a job. 1 coworker just got a job up in Olympia and another gave up and is applying for jobs on the east coast. While another is working at the hospital as a CNA part time and a LTC as a RN part time untill they can find something in a hospital system.

Finding a job as a RN is really hard right now in the Portland area, so I would not leave untill you had something lined up, but most places probably would like to see that you have put in at least a year somewhere.


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Yeah, I figured at least a year would be good, and like I siad, I know the job market is really tough right now...not just in Portland, but everywhere. That is too bad about your friends not being able to find work as RN's...I really feel badly for them...I know there are lots of RN's that can't find a job and that is why I am very thankful for mine, I just am not happy in Med/Surg and know this isn't the area for me. I was just trying to get some opinions about how long I should give this before trying to get into another area...that is, if I am even ABLE to!! Thanks for your reply, and my best to you as you finish up nursing is no easy task!!


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Have you thought of signing up with a nursing agency on the side? It is a great way to explore other areas of nursing. I have been a physical rehab/med surg nursed for 13 years. After I moved to Portland a little while ago, I started with a staffing agency, which I had never done before. They mostly send you to Hospitals, and nursing homes, but also may send you to other areas as well. I started to go to an occupational health job, and I loved it. I was in the right place at the right time and landed a full time position. I will say though that almost every med surg job they sent me to sounds exactly like what you are going through now. Nursing is tough, but hang in there!:)

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