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How long before I can switch to part time?

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I just graduated in May and have had 3 job offers where I can begin work next month. They are all full time positions. I really would rather work part time until my youngest kids are in grade school but I know the likelihood of finding a part time job as a new nurse are slim. Just wondering what an acceptable amount of time would be before requesting to work part time? Is this something you just talk to the NM about and stay in the same position? Or need to apply to a whole new position listed as part time? Thanks for any help/advice.


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Work at least 6 months, then go PRN/part time may be a good option for you. Depends on how quickly you learn new skills and how comfortable you feel working on your own. Sometimes the orientation can take months before you feel comfortable to take your own patients. There are just a lot to learn. I think you should wait until at least you pass your orientation to bring up the issue to your manager.

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PP's advice is great. I also want to point out that most managers have to deal with their organization's position control systems. They are allotted a certain number of full-time, part-time & PRN positions. They can't just convert someone from one status to another if there aren't any vacant positions. So, when you're ready to drop back down to part-time, it may require a transfer if your current department does not have any PT openings.