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How long For Ohio BON to Review Prior Convictions for New Grad NCLEX Applicant??


Please help! I'm going nuts. I was offered a job at a prestigious institution and I have to test within 90 days of graduation for the offer to stand ( I might have some leeway, but not much). I turned all my stuff in to the board early, but that doesn't seem to matter. While my stuff has been turned in for months, I have classmates who didn't turn their paperwork, background check, etc. in until 3 weeks ago who have gotten their ATT. All but 5 of my classmates have gotten theirs in the last two days. I am one of the five who has not. Four out of the five of us are in pending status, awaiting review of prior convictions. I have a minor misdemeanor $50 marijuana ticket from 13 years ago as well as two misdemeanor obstruction of justice charges from 2004 & 2006. I really think the board is only gonna care about the pot charge, but it's so old & just a $50 ticket, so I'm confident I'll be licensed. My question is does anyone know how long it takes for them to review your record. I've heard it can takes months & that is time I do not have. I will be devastated if something I did 13 years ago as a kid (had just turned 18) ruins my chances at a job because of a delay in processing. They managed to get through at least 200 of my fellow students in 2 days. How long can it possibly take to look at someone's background check? I'm just extremely upset and find it unfair that people who don't have job offers and are not wanting to start working right away will be taking seats at test sites away from people like me who have job offers & need to get in to test. Not to mention those who slacked on turning stuff in! I'm so afraid that either a) it won't be too long but by the time I get it, there will be no seats left at test sites in time or b) it will take months. Please if anyone has any info I would truly appreciate it!!

Hey hope all is well, I just found out my application is under review with the obon are you still going through the process? If not if you dont mind disclosing how long is the process and what was your outcome? I did my application back in April. Thanks in advance!

It took about two months and they finally approved me with no restrictions :) I'm now a happy RN working at a local hospital!