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How to land a LPN job as new grad in Buffalo,NY?

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October will make a year since I graduated from my LPN program and I still am not working as a LPN it sucks. Anyone else having problems finding jobs? I had a previous Medical Assistant degree and have been working at the same healthcare company for over 3 years. I didnt know (I was mislead) that the clinic I work at would not hire me without experience. I was told by my boss that even if I took a job at one of the nursing homes as a LPN it would not count! I look online everyday. Seems like you have to completely settle on any old job (which Im not making minimum wage now...as a medical assistant but I am only pt) or that you have to know someone. I graduated top of my class etc which means nothing I guess. Im getting more and more depressed everyday and afraid Im gunna suck at nursing by the time I find a job or give up on it!

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