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How did you land your first NICU job?


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I am currently waiting to take my NCLEX and am very interested in pursuing a career in the NICU. How did you land your first NICU job? Were there things on your application that made you stand out, such as volunteering, being a member of certain organizations, special certifications, etc.? I am trying to figure out ways to make my application stand out more when applying to NICU jobs. Also any interview tips related specifically to NICU would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any input given! 🙂


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I answered this question a week ago.


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I researched the heck out of which hospitals really had a need for NICU nurses and applied there being willing to move anywhere I got a NICU job.  I applied as a new graduate nurse to many many programs.  It's really finding the hospitals that have a strong need and going there.  If you're an experienced nurse transitioning over specialties try to find hospitals that have training programs for experienced nurses to new specialties.  Even just landing a job in a children's hospital with a NICU but get a job there on any floor and then 1 year start looking for NICU openings and transition in.  Best of luck!

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I did some NICU courses during college, I did my college final clinicals in the NICU, I was a nurse extern in the NICU, I did the NICU internship, and I was a full fledged NICU nurse. 

Overall, I just did everything NICU I could.