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Hi. I am a new grad . . . BSN. I am an "older" new nurse, in my 40s. I was a school teacher (BA) prior to going back to school to become a nurse. I am interested in NICU, but with extremely limited exposure to NICU in nursing school, I really have no idea if this is what I should be doing. So, for all of you experienced NICU nurses: how did you know NICU was right for you? I don't know any NICU nurses personally, but I just have a feeling that I might be good at this and enjoy it. Any advice/direction you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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You could try a job shadow, or go ahead and interview for a job. Be sure to look for a "new grad" program--it should be much more thorough than for med-surg. I also have a bias for teaching hospitals. Babies are different. And you've spent a lot of time learning what's normal for an adult. If you spend a long time right now cementing that in, it will take you longer to replace that w/neo info.

Best of luck to you.


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I just started in the NICU 2 weeks ago... Right now I LOVE it. I NEVER had any NICU experience. I went into it after doing an OB rotation, I love working with the sicker babies (I guess I like a challenge :) ), I like teaching parents, and I am feel very comfortable dealing with, and helping others through difficult situations. I think the BIGGEST decision for me going into the NICU was the hospital's orientation program in the NICU. The NICU is a WHOLE different area of nursing... make sure if you decide to go into this area, that you have good support. Good Luck!


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Hi Smiles13-- I am a new grad starting in the NICU...What kind of support are you referring to? I'm feeling like some extra support would be great! Any advice you can pass my way would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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