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How to join CRNA

I have 8+ yrs in OR and just started working IN ICU. I am perparing for GRE. Is it possible to apply for CRNA school at this stage for classes of fall 2007. Please advice


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A lot of schools' application deadlines for 2007 have already passed. There are some that are still accepting applications, but the deadlines for all the programs I've looked at are within the next couple months. You would have to get your transcripts, letters of recommendations, make sure you have all the required prereqs, take the GRE (for some schools), write an application essay... It would be tough to do this year, but you might be able to. Plus, I don't think OR counts as critical care and most schools require you to have 1-3 years cc experience. If you are in the ICU now and you apply to a program that starts next fall, you would have a year of experience by the time the program starts - you would have to check with the school to see if that is enough experience.

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