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I broke my arm 2 days ago falling off a horse into a jump (all my fault, I didn't bring him in properly and their was no way that he could clear it safely without the possibility of injuring himself, so he elected to stop. I on the other hand didn't stop and sailed right into the fence using my arm as a block. Appearantly wood beats bone. So It was all my fault... but I guess that doesn't change anything really)

The break itself is not what I'm concerned with, but the fact that I'm entering my second year of my BSN nursing program, and have a broken arm. I have clinicals placement, and my question is do you think that the school and prfs will help me make accomidations and make up some of the hands on later when my cast is off.

I e-mailed the director of nursing yesterday and I'm so scared I made it this far, only to lost it all. She e-mailed me back and said she would look into it, but didn't give me any indication on how it was going to turn out. This interference with my education has me so worried. They can't completly kick my out for this can they? it's not a disability and it's only a temperary thing, how is do you think this would be seen? I can't be the first person to break a bone in nursing school.


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I would think they would try to work around it. I hope you feel better soon!


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I would agree that they should work with you. You may need to be really flexible for them to be able to reschedule some of the skills needed that require both hands. I would be very honest with them and tell them when they assign you a task that you feel you can not do with the cast on. You need to heal well first and then complete your student duties. Good luck to you!! :)

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