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How important are recommendation letters?

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Hello everyone! I'm considering applying to a few entry-level MSN programs. How important are rec letters for those? What are the programs looking for in the rec letters?

Bit of background, I'm not from the US, but have been living here for a few years now. I moved when my husband got into grad school and just recently got a work permit. I have basically been out of the job market for seven years, and recommendation letters are not common where I'm from, so I'm a bit lost.

Any suggestions on the MSN-E programs are also welcome. Thank you :)

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In my experience, I have yet to see one entry-level nursing program that does not require a few recommendation letters in order to even apply.  From what I have seen, the least amount required has been at least two and there were some programs which required a minimum of four!

I don't think you'll be able to get around this.  Could there be programs out there that don't make you get recommendation letters?  Sure.  I just haven't personally seen any.  

Typically you should look to your professors to get this. If you have not taken classes within the past 7 years, I might suggest you also look into the possible expiration of some of your classes as many programs sometimes put a time limit (how old) some classes can be that they are willing to accept for admission.

Good luck.

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