How do I prep for OHN interview??


I have a panel interview in a couple days for an occupational health nurse job, but have no occupational health experience. This is a wonderful job opportunity and I believe I would enjoy it. It would be a huge change from PICU nursing. I have no idea what to expect for this interview or how to prepare. It's been a couple years since I've had an interview. Can anyone please give me some tips to ease my anxiety? Do you think I should research or study up on occupational hazards/dangers and how to respond as an OHN..... or will this interview pry be like any other ordinary interview?? I just don't know what to expect!


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Occ health is about as different from PICU as I could imagine... so you might think about how you'd care for ambulatory working adults in a typically solo-RN, non-hospital setting.

Of course, have a good answer why you want such a major change.:welcome:

Read this specialty thread, esp. the introductions/rollcall, for an idea about what we do and challenges we face in this role. For a panel interview, you'll probably have questions like "How did you handle..." and "How have you demonstrated success in..."

Good luck!


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I switched from oncology to OHN in September and prepared for my interview by reading as much as I could beforehand. I also talked to an OHN friend of mine who knew the workings of the organization I went to work for. You might start at and then Google occupational health nursing for some background info. OHN jobs vary among different industries and companies, so be sure and research the particular industry you're applying in and its OHN needs.


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I have an interview on Friday for OHN- I'm concerned about it too. Any suggestions?


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