How do I find the best or worst VA hospitals to work in?

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How do I find the best or worst VA hospitals to work in?

Surely as a VA employee you can transfer within USA but not knowing if you're in the best or worst VA is a dilemma. I'm from VA in Philadelphia where we have worst staffing, worst management and culture. We have nurses who transferred to us and regrets that they did. I am thinking of transferring but I don't want to end up with the same problems. 

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One can find VA healthcare performance metrics here includes wait times for appointments --gives some indication of staffing + how vets view care.

PA Coatesville VA is closing and Phila. VA hospital closure in the works --plans underway for Univ. Penn Health system to take it over within 1-2 years with VA renting space back from Penn, so make sense re poor staffing, management and culture concerns during period of transition

3/2022 VA plans to close its hospitals in Coatesville and University City in massive restructuring


The VA wants the University of Pennsylvania to take over care from its University City facility. And if it won't, the VA plans to build a new center in the region. The plan must still be approved.

PENN just bought Chester County's closed Brandywine Hospital with plans to lease to VA for services formally at Coatesville location

One can do internet search for "best and worst VA hospitals and medical centers" to gauge  veterans opinions +  check out facility on glass door/indeed etc for employees comments.

Hope you can find a great location with good management -- harder to find due to financial performance measures focus instead of patient and employee care focus.

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