How do I explain leaving a job so soon?

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Long story short, after only 4 weeks on the job at a SNF/LTC I resigned and gave two weeks notice. There are many reasons for this, the most important being that I didn't feel safe working there license-wise. I could elaborate more, but I have a feeling it would be the same story others have heard about these facilities. I still gave two weeks notice because that is the professional thing to do, but after last night's shift I am starting to question that decision! :eek:

I know that not all LTC/SNF's are the same, I am not going to take another chance on LTC again if I can help it.

I am currently applying for other positions and may have an interview next week. How do I best answer as to why I left this job so quickly? I know you should not talk badly about your former employer, but this will be very hard to do :lol2:. Plus, it wasn't all bad - I learned so much and improved in so many ways during my short time there and I am at least grateful for that experience. Its too bad I can't stay.

Any advice from those who interview new nurses?

The standard answer if you can't come up with something better is "Not a good fit".

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