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How did you decide on you first job as a RN?

I am a new grad who is being offered many different types of jobs and I don't know what to do. Do I stick with my heart and get a job in the area I love, or do I take the one that will offer me the best exposure to lots of experiences? As A new RN grad I need some guidance from someone who has been there. HELP!


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Do what you love...period.

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I totally agree ... Do what you love.

If you take a job that you don't really like, you are likely to start hating it -- and hating nursing. That would be a shame.

As far as the skills go ... if you don't need them for the field you love, why waste time learning them? If you need them for the field you love, or need them for some other job in the future, you can learn them at that time.

Students and new grads place far too much importance on learning a wide variety of technical skills. Focus on what you need for the job you have. Learn new ones as you need them. You'll be fine.



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Thanks for the advice!

I know I should follow my heart but my head keeps interupting. I guess I need to get out of "student" mode and stop thinking about all the skills that I have never done. Your right if I don't need tham for my dream job why learn them now.

I will be following my heart and holding out for my "dream" job.


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