How do I ask to be transferred to another department?

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I am a nursing student and a part-time patient care technician. I got hired at a new hospital, and the recruiter has placed me in a telemetry unit, sometimes I am floated to med-surg. I really don't like it, I still like nursing and am still going to finish nursing school but I hate being verbally or physically abused by some patients and sometimes even staff. I catch myself crying in the bathroom all the time and I dread coming to work sometimes. I feel like I would be happier in the Mother/Baby unit (since I want to pursue NICU nursing anyway) but I think I need a good reason to tell HR and the nursing manager why I want to transfer when I just finished my 90-day probation period a couple weeks ago. How do I ask without saying it's because I absolutely hate telemetry/med-surg?

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It's usually not just a simple ask and you'll be transferred. There usually has to be an opening in that position/title so I would start looking for job listings internally. If there is none, be genuine and honest with your manager about your position and your concerns. You usually want to speak to your manager first regarding a unit transfer before speaking to a manager of another unit.  Unfortunately, what you experienced is a part of nursing and it probably won't be something you can escape entirely. There will always be patients and staff in any nursing position that are abusive in some way.

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