How do I address issues about availability?

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Hello Rockstars!

I'm an RPN/LPN currently looking for a position in a hospital. I work 2 casual jobs in retirement while I finish my BScN degree.

I feel like my availability is keeping me from getting any jobs, especially hospital jobs. My school schedule this September is only 3 days a week, therefore, I still have at least 3 days to work including weekends. My main goal is to work at a hospital.

I had a telephone interview the other day and HR mentioned that it looks like I already have a "full plate".

Can someone give me some advice how to address this during interviews and also when writing my cover page? I appreciate any input.

"I will adjust my schedule to prioritize my job here if I am hired". You have no obligation to make changes until you have a valid reason.

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If I read your initial post correctly, you will only be available to work 1 weekday per week. That will make it pretty difficult to get your to all the orientation classes, etc. that a hospital job usually requires. That's also pretty limited availability even after orientation.

What types of jobs have you been applying for? Weekend only jobs? Have you offered to be available during the week for orientation (before classes start in September), etc.? That might be one of the hurdles that you will have to get over for a hospital to even consider hiring you. When you discuss work hours, you need to discuss it in terms of how you WILL be available to complete all orientation requirements and other required class -- not that you will not be available. If you can't be available for orientation, many hospitals won't consider you.

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