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How honest to be about scetchy work history during interview?

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OK --- oops and double oops! Should have posted this thread first and days ago! Am interviewing for DON position - my first after years of being an ADON. Problem is, my most recent ADON position was only six months long and I have only been at currentl job for less than two (admissions marketing) months. The six month ADON job was awesome. Til my former DON left and the new one (we'll call her Satan) came. When S. came, EVERONE left. People who had worked with her prev told me she was AWFUL. Good people too. She had been walked out of three bldgs. She was in the building constantly - twelve hr days every day, etc. Wanted all of us managers to do the same but denied it of course when confronted. She had unethical practices, badmouthed people excessively, etc etc Both UM's quit, and some nurses, as she proceeded to fire as many people as possible without Admin. getting upset and tried bringing in her own people -they did not come incidentally. (Mind you - HE the admin, appeared to be enthralled with HER as she was very persuasive and pretty). So, seeing the writing on the wall - I left too. I had excellent repoire with everyone - gave 30 day notice, had CNAs cry when I left. I did not want to go but felt I had too. So the dilemma is . . . . how to approach this in an interview. Should I be completely candid? If Im not, I will look very unstable. The ADON positions I held prior were one year and before that five years (only left to move to different city) If I am honest, I look like a drama queen and worse -unprofessional. WHAT TO DO??? Interview is in two hours! OK, I will let you know how it goes! :confused:

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Oh oh - I'm probably too late but here goes:

I would gloss over the recent job history and focus on the positives of your prior years of experience. If asked directly about the recent changes, I would say something general like "I heard what great pt care is provided in your facility and I want to join the team" (if true) or "Our leadership philosophies weren't a good fit."

Keep it general and good luck - let us know how it goes.

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Trauma nurse got it right, focus on the positive, if asked directly again focus on the positive, how rewarding it was to work there etc, great experience etc, if asked why you left, explain, "I want to be part of a strong team I have loads to contribute and felt that I wouldn't be able to fill my potential at that time"


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