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How heavily are pre reqs weighed?

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Hi guys!

I'm looking to go into nursing and passionately love science. I've never taken any courses in the field really and my undergrad was totally unrelated. I did pretty bad, mainly due to one semester of health complications (my junior year) finishing up with a 2.42.

If I took all of the necessary pre reqs and did very well (which I will) I should probably have a shot at at least some programs right? I speak several languages, have volunteer experience and I'm also a guy (my nurse friend says they like admitting men into nursing programs for diversity)

I don't want to think that I screwed myself over because undergrad was a long time ago and I think it's pretty shallow of school to judge someone by it so many years later.

Anyone else have any similar experiences? Thanks!

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Each school has different criteria for selecting their students. So you will have to ask about the system/criteria at the schools where you will be applying. I used to be a member of an admissions committee of a school and we weighted the required pre-req's more heavily than other classes. We also gave men (and other minorities) an extra point in their total admission application scores. So you would definitely have a chance were you applying to that school at that time. As for the schools you will be applying to in the future, you'll have to ask them how they score/chose select the students.