How hard is TEAS?

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At the last minute I decided to apply to a vocational LVN school. The deadline app is tomorrow and I'll be required to take the TEAS in 2 weeks.

How hard is it? Does it have college level math on it? I'm ordering the study guide and the online practice test. My TEAS grade will determine rather or not I get accepted to start in January.

I've been a stay at home mom for 3 years now and I feel like my brain is FRIED.

Thanks everyone!


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Also when you do the online assessment can you stop and take breaks in between sections or do you have to finish it all at once?

I take mine on monday, and I got a study guide from Barnes and Noble - it's not just the TEAS it also has 4 other tests including the NET since one of my schools require that one. From looking at the other threads about the TEAS it looks like it's pretty much basic math - fractions, decimals, percents, conversions and word problems. If you do a search this site for TEAS, you'd get a whole bunch of threads discussing it. Good luck!

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