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How hard is it to get into the ICU direct from CSULB's BSN Program

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How hard is it to get into the ICU direct from CSULB's BSN Program? Doing externships help, but how easily is an externship gotten?

Does anybody know how many graduates were able to secure jobs right out of nursing school? What do you project for fall 2012?

I now many graduates from CSULB who haven't gotten jobs yet and they graduated a year ago! What is the general consensus?

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I didn't attend CSULB, but its local to me and I'm familiar with some of the graduates. I couldn't give you percentages, but I know the '09 graduates and May '08 graduates felt it the most.

The VA Long Beach hires heavily from their programs (not sure about ICU direct), as does Long Beach Memorial.

At the end of the day, just know the overall hiring practices in the nursing field in Orange and LA Counties (and in fact Southern CA) are not hospitable to New Graduates. Knowing people who have been out of school nearly a year or more without work is relatively commonplace.

I don't think anyone can predict what 2012 will be like. Too many factors and economic changes that will occur between now and then.

If you are currently enrolled, the things I would suggest are things I am sure you have heard by now. Look into the Verseant program at the VA and other such opportunities at local hospitals. Externships can be difficult to obtain, so leave no stone left unturned, and if you have an option - avoid facilities with no positions after your externship is complete (but if that's the only facility that excepts you - I would go for it.) Network during your clinicals and keep a great relationship with your preceptor. Work somewhere in the medical field (even if it's a CNA position). Establish the best possible relationships with your instructors (especially those employed in the field) and ask for letters of recommendation. Apply early (or at least be aware of all the local NewGrad programs application deadlines and requirements). Apply for your IP for this purpose. Don't lose sight of your GPA or focus on school stressing the job search.

Wishing you all the best.

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