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How hard is it to get into GMU's accelerated program?

Hi everyone. I just graduated with a degree in Health Sciences from JMU and I am interested in going to nursing school at GMU. I have completed all of the prerequisites already since I was a public health concentration at JMU. I got A's and a few B's-but I got a C in anatomy. I'm really concerned about this. Do you think this shoots my chances of getting in to the program? I might also add that I am a Certified Health Education Specialist, completed a health promotion internship at a major local hospital, and I work in admissions at a SNF. Do you think my experience might make up for the one C? I've already taken anatomy twice since it didn't transfer from Radford to JMU. Help!!


Specializes in PICU.

Take a look at the admission requirements. Definitely try, it sounds like you have some good work experience. Maybe even contact someone in the school of nursing, many times you would have an interview and you could talk about your grades


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