How did you guys take the Pharm/ Pathophys prereq?


I'm taking prereqs to hopefully get into UofM's ABSN program, but I'm having a really hard time figuring out how to take the Pharacology and Pathophysiology prereqs. The only course equivalents that are offered at any of the schools around here are reserved for Nursing students ONLY at those schools, (i.e. not some chick trying to take a prereq to go to another school.) Has anyone run into this? And if so, what did you do?



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I'm currently a first year nursing sudent at St Clair County Community College (in Port Huron). Pharm is not a pre-req (we take it with our first semester), but we can take patho before we start (or after if we choose to). I had it last semester online. I know that our ADN program transfers to U of M Flint (University of Michigan?? I'm assuming that's where you're talking about) Bachelors program. So it should transfer and since you can take it online that would be a good option. Although you do have to come to campus for a few of the exams (I think there were 3 proctored). But nonetheless I really enjoyed taking it online. Best of Luck and I hope you find the information that you're looking for.


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I took Patho online from the U of Iowa w/o setting foot in the state of Iowa. You can set up proctored exams in your hometown, and you don't pay out of state tuition. Just make sure your school will accept the class before you take it.

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Jackson Community College offers an online pharm course where you only have to go to Jackson 2 times (for midterm and finals). There is a group of us first years planning on taking it from there this summer.

Just make sure you make sure your college will accept it.

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