How to get into OB nursing (nursing student)


Im still in nursing school, but from my clinical experiences and theory time so far, I am beginning to sense a calling toward OB. Any tips on how to get started/get a job in that field? Does one usually have to gain experience elsewhere (med/surg, med/tele, etc) first?

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No, you don't need experience elsewhere in order to get a job in L&D. Best way to get hired there is to do your senior practicum on that unit.


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Depends on the hospital and even then the mood of the director. They hired a few nurses right out of school last year on my unit and they are doing well but the PCT who has been working here for years was told by the director that she is no longer hiring inexperienced nurses and she was offered a job on our women's med-surg unit that the director also manages. She told her she would hire her into L&D after a year on that floor. So, look around because what one hospital does another may not. And if you are seriously interested in working in L&D and need a year in med/surg it will not be the worst thing (although it may feel that it is) because it then gives you that "year" many specialty floors require, so you are open to more choices. You really do NOT know what you will like until you are actually working there. I thought I would love OR and I hated it. It happens.