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How to get a job in New Zealand or Australia


Hi, I am a licensed nurse who graduated last 2006 and passed the NLE (both June and Dec) of the same year. I did not work as a nurse after graduating since I got pregnant :no: and had to work in a call centre to be able to take care of my son's expenses. :headphone: Fast forward to the present, I now need to earn more to be able to pay for my son's increasing expenses. :banhappy: With no experience as a nurse, no relatives in NZ or Aus to help me out and absolutely no idea on what to do, can anyone please enlighten me about the ins and outs of applying for a job in New Zealand or Australia? Can I apply as a nurse there without me having any work experience? Please I need help! Thank you :yes:

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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NZ requires 2 years paid experience as a registered nurse. Since it's been 8 years since graduation you may have issues with a lack of clinical nursing experience for AUS. Look at the current application requirements.


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Because it has been a while since you finished your nursing degree, it's likely that they will refuse your application. The requirement is for an applicant to have practiced nursing for 3 months within the last five years. However, this may be waived if an applicant studied in a board-approved programs, such as the conversion program. It is in my understanding that since you do not meet the basic requirements, you're only option is to do a conversion program, which is 1-2 years in duration, and not the 3-month bridging program. It's pretty expensive, though.