How do i get direct patient care experience


I'm a recent grad, I've worked as a resident assistant in assisted living for 4 years, have an associates RN degree. I've had trouble getting even an interview in acute or transitional care, the one interview I've gotten kind of beat me down for not having any 'experience'.

My current job wants to hire me as a nurse supervisor, and I'm inclined to accept just so i get experience as an RN, but I have a couple questions:

Am I missing out on that 'new grad' training I would get in acute or transitional care?

Would it be more beneficial to hold off on accepting this job offer and wait for something with direct patient care experience, even though it seems like I'll never get the chance?

If I take this nurse supervisor role in assisted living with both mobility impaired and brain injury patients, how would i get a direct patient care place like a hospital or something to look at that in a positive light?

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I don't think that experience in an assisted living environment would have any value for hospital recruiters - the two settings are just too different. But a job (any job) is immeasurably better than no job.