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How to gain confidence for an ABSN progrom

by anxiousnurse22 anxiousnurse22 (New) New Student

I have been accepted into an ABSN program but still have to complete the prerequisites. The program places you in a prep phase and then once the courses are completed you start directly into the program. I know I should be excited because nursing school is very competitive. Unfortunately, A&P 1 will be online due to Covid 19. I recently have developed a lot of anxiety about nursing school due to everyone saying how difficult it is going to be, especially an ABSN. I am prepared for this and plan to live at home and not work throughout the 16 month duration. My biggest fear is ultimately coming from fear of failing. Silly right? I just could use some advice on how to succeed in the program and not let my anxiety get the best of me.

I do believe that part of my frustration stems from me not choosing Nursing originally and having to go back. I am only 22 and definitely have plenty of time left in the field. I am an average learner. I was never one in undergrad to get A's on all of my exams. I just would love to hear from others who felt this way and how they managed.

Luckily, I have only heard positive things about my program/college from current students saying that the professors provide a lot of support and that they do really want you to succeed.

Build your confidence watching Youtube videos on the topics you have to take, using study.com, etc. being already familiar with the material will help you a lot.