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The first week wasn't so was probabaly a 2.5 on a scale of 1-5. Monday was stressful but it wasnt unbearable..........I made an effort to read ahead before the lectures which really helped. So, how was your first week back?

1 week down!!!

year 3/4 BSN program, semester 6!

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I felt entirely overwhelmed! I started clinicals and Pharmacology this week, plus we have a makeup day for Nursing Theory. My workload pretty much doubled and after having 3 weeks off, I'm getting a little dizzy. :chuckle I'm sure it will get better though.


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This week wasn't so bad! I'm also year 3/4.....I've been studying all week......I feel proud of myself..........I'm taking tonight off though! Just gonna relax and stuff but no HW tonight!

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i am in my very last semester.

Monday-first day back. took my dosage math test (the one that you get 2 chances to get a 90% or better, or you are out). got a 100%. started lecture.

Tuesday-clinical orientation, tour of unit. very large unit at a hospital im not that fond of. no big deal. its a PCU, looks interesting

Wed-computer training for this hospital. 7 hours of computer training! arrgh! the instructor sucked, the room was too hot, the class too boring, and i dont really like the computer system, but can deal with it

Thurs-Lab on chest tubes. interesting since i've never actually seen a chest tube in person. then more lecture (and how exciting can that be?). then a recruiting event from a local hospital. very interesting. this hospital will pay for us to take the Kaplan NCLEX reveiw.

Fri-no class. called the hospital from yesterday and told them i want a position wiht them, and it was guaranteed i'd have a position there, and the recruiter will send my application to the units that i requested to see which are interveiwing now. and i get a sign on bonus. then some crappy stuff happened with my teacher. oh well.

overall, it was a normal week. very long, sometimes boring, sometimes interesting, with some fun too. 1 week down, 14 weeks to go!



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Sounds like everyone's week went sooo smoothly. Well, I am in my FIRST semester, and I felt like I sat in the classes with a "Duh?" and a "Wha?" look on my face. They gave us paper after paper, stuff after stuff, rule after rule, schedule change after schedule change!! I did not feel so bad b/c everyone else had the same looks on their faces. Everyone seemed like they were hearing a foreign language. I figure after the first few weeks, I will have a steady schedule down, and I can feel a little bit more organized. I am still exciting about getting in and I try to think of that each time I start to second guess. I started reading and I feel like as long as I "try" to keep up I will have a little insight into what is going on...:uhoh21: Good luck to everyone

BSN program, Semester 1/5,

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