How to find Private Duty RN cases to work as a Certified Medicaid Provider in NYS

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Does anyone have any good info re how to find Private Duty work as an RN, Certified Medicaid Provider in NYS? I have done all the necessary paperwork and have my Provider ID. I've also registered with EPACES, for electronic billing. Plus I have experience working with the medically fragile, OMRDD, pediatric as well as geriatric populations. Now I need some guidance on how and where to seek Private Duty cases to work as an independent nurse provider. Can anyone help me, please?


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this doesnt really answer your question, but could you tell me how I go about getting a provider ID -- I have 15 years of experience with OMRDD and was thinking of doing some private duty, but I know they say you need a medicaid provider ID number. Thanks for your help.


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Don't know about Medicaid, but ran into a great neonatal/infant RN from North Carolina who is working here in NYC as a PD baby nurse. IIRC the woman's daughter moved to NYC and she wished to follow, and was put into contact with the owner of a well respected, and known "domestic help" agency. After being checked out and such she had her first job within days. Have her card somewhere

As her charge was sleeping, the nurse and I were able to have a good chat, and she explained though the agency does find her work, she is setup as her own business, and other familes contact her directly. One supposes this is via references. Her PD is nothing like one remembers from back in the day. *LOL* Usually a car picks her up when the client goes into labour, and takes her to the hospital. Once the infant is born it is handed over to her and she takes charge, arriving home after the mother is discharged, and going straight to the nursery. If the family has other children, they are NOT her responsibility, rather a nanny's.


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I see this was written in 2009- was wondering if you still had this PD baby nurse's card or can recall the name of her agency? I'm very interested in this type of work- thanks so much!

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