How did you find your preceptors?

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Hello all! I an wondering how my fellow online NP students found their preceptors. Were these co-workers, family friends, the result of cold callings or stopping by clinics / urgent can centers and asking? Did anyone write letters to doctors asking for help with the precepting? Did you use a pay site and pay a preceptor for their services?

In a perfect world I would be attending a brick and mortar school that arranges clinical placement. But that is not reality.....the closest brick n mortar is 3 hours away and they don't offer clinical placement. I think it is extremely wrong for us to find multiple preceptors but that is another topic.

So I am wondering what approach has been successful. Networking helps I know but was wondering what else is recommended. I am leaning towards stopping by clinics, introducing myself and asking right there. Cold calling isn't my thing.

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