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How to establish contact with Hospice Case Manager

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Hello everyone,

We are in a predicament and we would much appreciate your advice. My husband and I recently opened a new adult care home and we have been trying to get in contact with local hospice case managers to get patients referred to our home - we are fully licensed and ready to accept - our home is beautiful, staff is great. We have visited the local hospices (Mesa, AZ), but we have only been able to leave our contact info with administrative assistants, who promise someone will call us, but noone does. What is the appropriate way to approach case managers? If you are in the position of a case manager, how would you like to be approached in this situation? How do you decide on which homes to work with? We want to be sensitive and not pester anyone, but unless we have an already established contact with an insider (which we don't), it just seems impossible to get anyone to respond. Any thoughts and Ideas? We much appreciate your help. Like everyone else, we are trying to survive in a very tough economy and doing our best to avoid having to close our home. Thank you again.


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I don't believe hospice case mangers are the persons you should be contacting as they are not the people who place individuals in group homes. I am not really sure how homes make the general public aware of their facilities, but possibly contacting social workers who make recommendations to the general public when they are needing to find a place for a family member. I would not limit myself to hospice patients. Have you developed brochures and business cards to help market your home?