How to endorse my NY license in Puerto Rico.


Hello, maybe you can help me. I'm currently in the process of getting my NYC RN license by taking the NCLEX in December. I have plans in the future to maybe move to the US, but before I do that I want to have some experience working here in Puerto Rico as an RN. I want to know, after I PASS my NCLEX-RN and get my NY RN license, how can I endorse my licence and work in Puerto Rico with my US license and have in mind that I do not have a PR RN license. Thanks for the help!!

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You can't. Unlike other territories, PR doesn't use the NCLEX. There is no endorsement.

Just like in the US, with the exception of nursing license compact states each state has its own requirements for nursing licensure. US nursing licenses are not valid outside of US soil. There is no endorsement from NY to PR. You'd need to pass the PR nursing exam

the BoN website is Spanish:


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Thanks for your replay 'JustBeachyNurse'; however I will call the BON of Puerto Rico and ask about it. I remember I once as a student call and ask them, and they said 'yes' that I could do it. In fact they actually email me the application to do so, but I was a student at that point. Now I'm officially an RN in the state of NY and can start to make the corresponding process. Thanks for your replay.

Hello EdMFace, 

I am in a similar position as you were. Did you ever found a way to transfer your RN license without taking the PR RN nursing exam?