How Does The TEAS 6 Test Compared to The Practice Tests/ Manual?


I'm taking the ATI TEAS 6 test on Wednesday (26th) and have been reading the updated (white and grey) ATI TEAS manual and was wondering if anybody has done the same and already taken the test and noticed if or how the book/practice tests compared to the actual test?

I'm getting nervous as time is wounding down because I'm not doing too great on the science portion of the practice test, so I was wondering how it compares?

Is it similar? Harder? Did you find it easier? Similar questions, just different wording, perhaps?

Any help or advice would lessen my nerves and anxiety!! Thanks!

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How did your test go? I'm also having trouble with the science portion and am really nervous! Any advice would be appreciated!


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I took the TEAS 6 just 2 weeks ago. I studied a lot for this test and scored overall 86.7%. and I got 99 percentile on the science portion of the test. The science portion of the test really requires a good overall understanding of chemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology. But especially physiology and Anatomy. I used the ATI official manual, and the Mometrix book as well. My advice for studying the science portion would be to follow the study manual and look up the topics more in depth online. I made flash cards and studies for 2 months prior to the test. Good Luck! Happy to answer any other question