How Do You Stay Positive?


Just wondering what sayings everyone has, and what practices, to keep on track when the going gets tough?

Two weeks ago my car died on a lonely country road half an hour from anywhere (halfway to work). My mortgage company double charged me "accidentally" and refused to give it back, the day after Christmas which has lead to a month of barely making it, trying to scrape together funds to cover what I couldn't cover due to that. Had a huge fight with my father (he is prone to emotional issues so its not that surprising in itself) that same day. Had a stomach virus so bad that I barely made it through orientation at the new clinical site thursday and spent almost 2 days in bed w/ a bucket

Oh did I mention I have a huge test on Wednesday and my first day of hospital clinicals Tuesday?

There's a lot more than that going on, including how much I miss my kids and hate how filthy and cluttered and chaotic my house has become and the effect of letting others manage my affairs so that I could focus on school (I also work 28 hrs a week an hour away...or atleast I did until this weekend). I know I need to keep going, but today I just want to put my head down and cry and give up. And I am NOT the crying type.

So tell me. What do YOU all do when you hit a wall? When stress becomes bigger than you and you just want to give in? :( I read the thread about what not to do while in nursing school, and about all the divorces, and it just makes me so depressed. I have a great marriage. Or I did before nursing school. Stress is really eating us alive. sigh :(

No great sayings here, you've been having a rough time. I feel for you, the best thing I can say is make sure you have a way to clinicals next week, study for your test, and if you're unhappy with the clutter, get it together and give it to Goodwill or sell it on Craig's List for some extra cash.


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Yes it can drive your family apart... If you let it. My Husband and I are closer because of it. my family all pitched in to help. some times it is as simple as an encouraging word. get the kids involved with helping around the house. my Husband took over the meals. I did the luaundry. my son was in charge of floors. and my daughter did the dusting and bathroom and helped with meals. my son was a jr in high school and my daughter was in college.

I worked 40 hours a week on the NOC shift and went to school during the day. I graduated in may of 2007 with my RN I was 48 years old

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