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How Do I Get A Nursing License In Another State?


I am a new grad and I just passed my NCLEX...I live on Long Island New York but it is so hard to find a job here. I do not have any experience at all (no previous medical, no externships, no CNA). I came to nursing school right after high school so I have no experience. Anyway I was thinking about getting a nursing licence from New Jersey (even though I still live on Long Island). Is that possible? I want to expand my job hunt and look at hospitals that are next to NYC but in New Jersey. It will be a crazy commute but I am desperate. Can I keep both my New York license and get a New Jersey License? If I get hired in NJ I guess that will be my permanent one and I can let the NY one expire? I'm really not sure how this works because neither of these states are compact states. So what should I do? Do you know where I can find this information on the nbcsn.org webisite? Thank you.

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You can have as many RN licenses as you want (and can afford to pay for as each is at least $100 to apply for it). Look up the Board of Nursing in each state you want to work in and their website will tell you what steps to follow to apply for license by endorsement (which is when you already have 1 RN license and so you do not have to take NCLEX again....just send the necessary documents and of course, the application fee of $100 to $250, which varies by state, and then after fingerprints and background check you get the state license mailed to you.)