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i am an :nurse:rn student w/ 15 credit hours this fall, 2 rnclasses-1 music class. i want to be available fri. evenings, sat., &sun. however i only want to work prn, i don't want to work 1 day/week every week at least not at the beginning because i've never worked while in rnschool & i don't want to take on too much. i've already researched 4 prn jobs at hospitals that i like:yeah:. i haven't applied to them though because i don't want to sound so choosy about my hours. how do i go about discussing my hours during the interview:uhoh21:? i'm afraid that they won't hire me:nono: because i might sound like i don't really want to work, but i really do want to work. also, how do i respond to questions like, "well can you work weekends?"


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I am not sure if you mean you only want to work weekends or you don't want to work weekends. I personally have had a fairly easy time finding CNA jobs that allow me to only work weekends since no one else wants to do it. On the other hand, if you don't want to work weekends at all then that can be a problem. But if someone asks you about your availability you might as well just be honest with them...tell them what your outside obligations are and if they can't work with you, move on to the next interview.


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I want to work weekends (I'm free Friday after 12p.m., Saturdays & Sundays all day). But, if I tell them that then they will put me on the schedule to work all those 3 days. I'm afraid of this because it has happened to me before. Even though I'm available those 3 days I don't want to work all those 3 days. I just want to work 1 day a week for 8 hours, if that.

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Tell them that you're available on those days, but would prefer not to work all 3 every week, and that you're open to either working the same day every week or to change it up. It wouldn't hurt to tell them that you'd be willing to fill in per diem on the other days but you'd prefer to start slow.


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Ok, yea "fuzzywuzzy" that seems reasonable. I guess I'm just afraid of sounding picky w/ this tough economy going on. I'm also afraid of passing up on a great job and great facility to work at. But, school comes first, right!

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Maybe you could check & see if you could every other weekend? Because that's what I work at my facility, also I work PRN through the week. good luck :)


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Yea, just let them know your availability and tell them that you are looking to work one shift a week (8 hours would be the minimum I think.) I'm sure a lot of places could use an extra body a shift a week on the weekends! Good luck and study hard!!

I had no problem working per diem. My boss gave me the schedule and I scheduled myself to work the days I wanted to work. I chose to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because I needed to work. But I wasn't required to work all three days that I was available. I believe even as per diem you're required to work at least one full weekend a month. But it can depend on your place of employment.

If you tell them that you're in the RN program then most of them will understand the reason why you're not available to work all the time. But I will be honest that some Directors don't care if you're going to school or not they want you with an open schedule even if you're per diem.

Good Luck


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Yes NurseCubanitaRN2b that is exactly what I'm afraid of - them putting me on the schedule all the spots that I am open. I worked at a clinic & department store before when I was working on my prerequisite courses. When I told my supervisors the days & hours I was available they'd most likely fill in those spaces w/ me working those days & hours. I do believe in paying my do's & am desparate for a job, but I can't compromise my studies for it. What I'm thinking is to really emphasize my passion and desire to succeed well academically and to be employed at XXXX facility w/ working at XXXX department, etc.

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