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How to be competitive


Hello everyone! I'm going to be a senior this fall and my dream is to be a CRNA. I can't explain how much I love what they do. Ill be just turning 22 when I graduate and my preceptorship in the winter will be in ICU at the hospital I currently work at. I wanted to show you my specs and see what else I can do to become more competitive :

Overall gpa: 3.7

Nursing Gpa: 3.6

Current work: pre op and post op nurse extern ( so I am surrounded by my CRNAs whom I'm going to ask to shadow)

extra: multiple honor societies, graduating with multiple honors, and numerous volunteer work

I'm crossing my fingers the fact I work at the same hospital my proctorship will be at I can get myself a position there plus two nurses in the unit would happily recommend me to the manager ! But what else can I do to be competitive , I want to take more classes after graduation. I may retake chem, orgo, biochem and take a stats class if possible ! Oh also are there any books on critical care you would recommended for icu? I'm trying my best to become familiar with drips and abg before preceptorship!


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Grades are fine. I wouldn't worry about retaking any courses unless you made C's in them. Work in ICU for at least a year, get your CCRN, take the GRE. Shadow at least 24 hours in the OR to make sure you would enjoy it. Have fun, learn all that you can.

Thank you, and I love the OR atmosphere. Being a pre-op nurse has really allowed me to see CRNA's at work. I'm so thankful for this job! I was wondering the schools I want to apply to don't require me to take the GRE due to my grades, should I do so anyway?


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As long as the programs you want to go to don't require the GRE you should be fine. If that doesn't work out, then I definitely would take the GRE