How common is it to get full time offers from placements?


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I was hoping to hear peoples thoughts on this question. I have come across some posts where people mentioned that they received full time offers from their placements in the last year of nursing school.

I was wondering how common this was? Is it typically reserved for top students?


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It probably depends on where you are at both in type of facility and geographic location. It is very uncommon in the region that I am in to get any offer before you have completed school, let alone before passing the NCLEX. We will regularly encourage our students to apply to our ED training program but we do not give any offers during their practicum.


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I think it depends on the placement honestly I'm currently in my second semester at GBC and ALOT of the nurses at my current placement were former GBC students many of which were offered jobs in there last semester. It's clear the placement I'm at is very student friendly and express to us all the time how much they hope we'll consider working there after graduating but keep in mind this may not be the case for every placement.

I would get friendly with the nurses you shadow expressing to them your interest and ask them directly about the process for hiring students post graduation