How to check a school's NYCLEX pass rate?

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hi everybody!

i was wondering if anyone knows who to contact in order to check on a particular school's passing rate on the nyclex for graduates.

thanks in advance!


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It would seem logical to post a question pertaining to schools in an forum that is specified to have students, however this is not the place to get a response for some reason. I have been posting questions on this forum for a couple of months, only to get an occasional vague response from someone that doesn't really know anything, but is just a nice person, and wants to write an email to be social. That's great, I like that too, but I know there are people "lurking" on the board that can answer our questions, but just pass them up because they have seen them sooooooo many times. So I will give you all the advice that i know to give, In exchange I ask that you search out my posts and relay anything that you know(all of this is new to us after all).

first off, the acronym that you are trying to post about is NCLEX, not NYCLEX. People just pronounce it phonetically and it sounds that way:p

Now to the heart of the matter.

NCLEX pass rates should be obtained from your counselor. They should be made available by any prospective school, since they know this is an important statistic to most prospective students, and the state board for that matter.

Be aware that some schools(we will never know until we are in them) skew thier NCLEX pass rates by "dumping" weak students instead of teaching them. See my post titled "I was shocked and amazed" then we will have more to talk about on that subject.

If the students that feel they are in a crappy program would just "come out" about them, we could examine the warning signs and avoid them ourselves. I guess that no one wants to admit they are going to some day be a sub-par new grad scrambling for the skills that a good program would have taught them, just to prevent that from happening to someone else.

If you find a way to get information about the quality of nursing schools, please tell me, because I am just frustrated,

and exasperated at the effort it has taken to get pretty much no information. I have even posted to nurses that have experience working in the area I am planning to go to school, with only one response from a very nice person that orients nurses to the hospital floors, and they gave me very good advice on the two schools that she orients students from. That happened ONE time in all the months I have been posting, so it must be very scant information. I even tried changing my screen name, thinking I had maybe given someone the wrong impression, and gotten myself ostrasized or something. Maybe we are just too cerebral for this crowd, maybe we should try something like............Do you know gooder schools?.......Does your school have in-door plumbing?......

Does chemistry lab utilize crack cocaine production as a learning tool?


Anyhoo, talk to ya later,


Columbia, MD:eek:

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