How can I prepare my resume as a pre-nursing student?


I applied for the evening program at a community college which starts in the spring 2011. I am hoping I get accepted. I have no experience in a healthfield. I was wondering what are great ways to build my resume so that by the time I graduate as a RN, and I apply for jobs, they can say I have some experience as a new graduate.


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Get a job as a CNA or PCA.

If you don't have enough time for a job, volunteer at a hospital.

You can get you CNA or EMT if interested in emergency medicine. Then work as one, once you are certified as an EMT or CNA you can take ACLS PALS ABLS NPR and a few more courses which will build up your resume, and volunteer as much as you can, if possible try to do so in the teaching hospital in your area, the reason why I say this is because I myself I'm doing an EMT course and I'm almost done (loving it by the way) but I also volunteer and I learn a lot there. Volunteering is also a way to try out the different departments and see how you feel about them. I've been in the Emergency Department for almost a year already and I love it but I am going to switch soon because you gotta try it all :) also shadow nurses, even doctors if you want. Hope this helped. Good luck