How can I know if I have a good chance in getting in Nursing School?


Hey guys how do I know if I'm going to get in on my first try? I put in the application for the Spring semester at San Antonio College, of course I'm already done with my prerequisite courses. The application process required very little information basically nothing only personal information and phone number and an advisor told me we just put in that application and don't turn in anything else. We turn in all the other proof of vacc. and paperwork after we get accepted. I'm thinking since I took all my prereques there, they ONLY base on grades right? What do y'all think or know? By the way I have both A's & B's and only 1 - C in Intro to Psyc. My GPA now is: 3.32 but I still need Micros grade which I am in right now and the class finishes in 4weeks. What do yall think my chances are? Or anybody else get in with a similar GPA or 1 C in a non science class???


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I know at my school you needed a 3.7 at least to make the cut. Ours was a point system too. 10*prereq GPA +2 bonus points if you have a degree for a max of 42 points. They tally everyone's points and then take the top 50 I think.

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It sounds like the school is looking for GPA more than anything, which kind of sucks because with holistic schools, even if your gpa isn't the best, they still base you off other things. I wouldn't count on that school, but since you say first choice, I'm assuming you have backup schools, which is good. You can always attend another school then transfer if you don't get in!

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None of us can tell you your chances of entry because we don't know what your school bases its entrance on. I agree that it sound like they are looking only at your GPA, but what about people that do their prerequisites at another school? Best thing to do is call the office and ask how they evaluate their new nursing students. You could even ask them how your odds are.

Good luck.

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You don't have to take an entrance exam? Most every school I have ever looked at required an entrance exam. That GPA wouldn't cut it at my school. Pretty much everyone who has gotten in has had a 4.0 in the classes they look at. Mine also does a points system. They look at 4 classes plus a Teas Score. We had an application to fill out along with a checklist of papers to send in like transcripts and stuff. We also had to do an information session and meet with a nursing advisor before we applied. I would double check on the entrance exam thing.