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How can I become a nurse anesthetist if I have a bachelors degree in biology?

[color=sandybrown]how can i become a nurse anesthetist if i have a bachelors degree in biology?

get your bsn, get excellent grades (make sure you have organic chem and statistics, depending on what the crna program you are interested in requires, and what you have already in biology), then work in a high level critical care unit of a large hospital for a minimum of one year, get an excellent score on your gre, then apply to the school(s) you are interested in. pray you are accepted, then dig a big hole, large enough for yourself and your books, and don't come out for about 3 years. (except to the hospital).

just passing on what i have gathered, by the way.

digg up the kajillion or so related threads, and lurk a bit more.

And an accelerated BSN program is the quickest route to becoming a nurse and getting started on the critical care experience. Try to keep your GPA over 3.5 to be the most competitive, and many schools require a 1000+ on the GRE. Also, some require 2 years of critical care experience. I was told by one program director that "you can work in any ICU you want for your first year, but for your second year your best bet is the CVICU of a level I trauma center." There is only one within about 100 miles, so she basically told me exactly where I had to work - thankfully, they hired me!


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According to other threads that you've posted, you apparently don't yet have any degree and are not yet an RN....therefore, if your ultimate goal is to become a CRNA, then the simple answer is: Don't major in Biology...major in Nursing.

You can either go with an Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) to become an RN, then do a bridge program to get the BSN (Bachelor Degree in Nursing), or go for a traditional BSN 4-year degree.

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