How to break into infection control/become infection preventionist

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I've been a M/S Tele nurse almost 3 years now. Thinking about going into wound care but also very interested in infection control. I'm interested in being an infection preventionist at a hospital or rehab center. I just don't know how to get into it. Many jobs say they want a Certified infection preventionist but you need to be working In infection control for some time to even sit for that certification. But it seems almost impossible to get a job as an infection preventionist without the cert or a masters degree. Should I work on MSN first and then try to apply for jobs? If so, which MSN would one apply for? There are so many specializations when it comes to getting the MSN  unsure what would look best. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!


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There is an associate infection control certification that can be taken by anyone, and it at least shows potential employers that you have a working knowledge and interest in the field. That being said, it does expire, and cannot be renewed because it is meant only as a jumping off point to become fully certified with a CIC. It does seem a bit tricky to enter the field, but hopefully that gives you a little more to research and see if you're interested. Good luck!