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How to become a trauma nurse in GA

by Hw153038 Hw153038 (New) New Nurse

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Short story: I am and ER/L&D nurse and want to be a trauma nurse.

Background: I have been a nurse for 5+ years. ED for all that time but a few scattered months between assignments, high-risk L&D for 2.5 years (some overlap in specialities and some PRN agency work). The ED I worked for through agency was small, rural hospital. The primary ED I work in, is in the process of becoming a Level 4 trauma center. We already see trauma patients there, just no designation yet. We have ortho, Neuro, cardio, sometimes vascular surgery, nephrology, and OB (level 2 NICU) at my current hospital. We are a certified stroke and chest pain center. I have BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, AWHONN Fetal Monitoring, STABLE, ENPC, TNCC, and stroke certifications.

I am now interested in becoming a ED trauma nurse in the trauma team. We don't have a trauma team at my hospital. I am looking into Level 1 hospitals. I really don't know how it works. Do I just apply for ED RN position and hope to get trained in trauma, or will there be a specific position open for trauma?

Also, any recommendations/advice/insight? Outside of nursing school, I've never dealt with interns/residents/etc.

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Really depends on the hospital. Our Level 1 where I live in TN has specific trauma nurses who work in the ED. The Level 2 I worked at in Augusta has dedicated trauma nurses in the ED. Most of these positions require some ED and/or critical care experience. I would find an ED that has a decent trauma volume (I would say only a Level 1 or 2, not a 3 or 4) and apply there, and let them know you are interested in trauma. One thing you might consider down the road with some experience is the TCRN certification. Good luck!!