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How to Become a RN-CFA


O.k......I'm an 05 grad of a BS health promotion/human bio double major. Recently I acquired my CNA. For the last year I have been working as a surgical tech(not CST) for a donor organ/tissue bank. The experience in instrumentation, surgical applications and anatomy is insane!! I am really considering getting my BSN. I would LOVE to be a RN-CFA. How does someone educate themself to work specifically in the RN in the OR?....Just get your RN, then apply at place hiring RN's for the OR?? Most RN's I see in sugery are either filling out paper work or circulating....IMO...the CST's get the cool work. Can an RN basically work as a CST...gain experience.....then test for the CFA and become a RN-CFA?

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